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Terms & Conditions

Requirements and limitations...


Booking Process:


To confirm reservation.

You need to send us the basic information like:

  • Complete Names
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number


Each reservation needs 100% of deposit.

About Payment you must choose where would you like to make the deposit:

  • By Pay Pal
  • By Credit Card
  • By Western Union
  • By Peruvian Banking Account

The issuance of the electronic bus ticket depends on the availability of service and space according to the dates and destination requested. not responsible for lack of availability. In that case, a closest date, schedule and/or destination will be offered to the passenger. The type of service (Bed or Semi-bed) will be determined by the transportation company according to the availability of seats assigned to at the moment the route booking is made. Meal services will not be always included.

Electronic bus ticket. 
Each electronic bus ticket issued will be only valid for the date, schedule, type of service and destination indicated on it. If the passenger does not show up on the time and miss the bus, the cost of the bus ticket will not be refunded and will be considered as one lost route. If the passenger does not present a passport or valid document that proof its identity, the transportation company can deny the admission and the passenger will not have the right to any claim, neither the cost will be refunded, and will be considered as one lost route. In case of personal accidents the transportation company will only respond to the passenger according to the mandatory insurance covered amount (SOAT).

Cancellation or delay of a service of bus. 
In case of cancellation or delay of a bus service, the same guarantees given by the company to any national passenger will be applied. The transportation company reserves the right to provide the service through a different company when technical or operational reasons will not permit it. This does not apply when there are external reasons, unforeseen circumstances or fortuitous event. is not responsible for any expenses or damages caused by delays on the bus departure, arrival or interruptions during the trip due to external reasons, unforeseen circumstances or fortuitous events. Likewise, in case of blocked/closed road or highways for any reason, the company will not be responsible for the passenger’s expense on any matter. does not hold responsability in case of strikes, delays or lost connections, neither loss or stolen luggage. and the transportation company are not responsible for the cancellation of bus services when roads or highways are closed/blocked at certain times or due to bad weather conditions

Requirements For Day Trip
Must be submitted with 2 copies (one for the Counter control and one for the passenger). These data are boarding passs (booking code, date of travel, route, full name, passport number and condition of payment) is compulsory identity card or passport.

In case the passenger is not present at the scheduled date and time in the Bus Station is not liable and lose the full value of the ticket.
Any concerns or queries write to reservas@perutourbus.com or Call to (Cusco), 084 632307 or 0051 84 974727031.


Process Cancellations / Cancellations
To cancel a reservation must send the booking code indicating the reason O3 reservas@perutourbus.com 5 days before departure date. Upon payment by way of penalty. (15 U.S. dollars per passenger).

Cancellation with 24 hours of travel date will be penalized with 100% of the value of the ticket.
Cancellation due to accidents or serious health reasons alone is reembolabre with 60% of the total value of tickets.

Luggage And Safety Conditions

  • The carriage of luggage is limited to 44 lbs. (20 kg.) Permitted per passenger.
  • Everything has weight exceeds a cost of U.S. $ 1 dollar, for every additional kg.
  • The liability of luggage up to their owners unless they are insured luggage.
  • Small items, such as photographic cameras or video cameras, binoculars, purses, umbrellas, etc.. Will be completely under the care and responsibility of their owners (passenger).
  • Recommendations It is recommended that all baggage is properly insured and labeled with identification. 
    (Request to bus company stikers numbered as you board the bus).

the transportation company is not responsible for damages, partial or total loss of the luggage, only until the limit of value of the higher rate that the company has on that specific date of trip, unless its value has been declared and insurance has been paid, that usually equals to the 10% of the declared value. 
The transportation company is not responsible for luggage left in lounge or bus terminal. 

Electronic Bus Ticket lost. 
In the event a passenger losses the electronic bus ticket, he/she should send an email to reservas@perutourbus.com  and we will resend it to you. 

Right of admission. 
The bus transportation company reserves the right to refuse the passenger in the following cases: 

• Cause disturbances, cause unpleasant noises, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to follow basic hygiene and sanitation standards, behaving in a way that affects the normal development of the service and any other behavior that affects the rights and safety of passengers and company staff.
• To refuse or fail to comply with safety rules or staff instructions.
• To refuse his/her consent for inspections and security check of person or luggage on board in specific areas such as platforms, boarding zones or passenger lounge at bus terminals.

If the passenger is not allowed to travel for any of these reasons, the electronic bus ticket will not be refunded or reimbursed. 

Important Note: If you have any question, please do not hesitate on contact us through our website or via email at  reservas@perutourbus.com