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We are travel consultants and passionate travelers like you. 
We offer different services and assistance for your peruvian travel adventure to plan an amazing trip around Peru.

is the best option for independent travelers in Peru. Our mission is to make independent travel very easy. We help travelers make the most out of their travel experience and give them the opportunity to make their own schedules and itinerary, choose the route they want to do according to their interests and let them stay for as long as they want in each destination.

We work with prestigious peruvian bus companies with whom you will travel in a safe and comfortable way. We sell bus routes packages and buss passes where you are free to choose the peruvian destinations you wish to explore. We also offer exciting tours in different cities in Peru.

Travelers can easily contact us so we can make their bus bookings, change their bus schedules, get information on bus schedules, departure points and get information about each destination in Peru. With our help the traveler will spend more time traveling and less time arranging and figuring out their trip. We are passionate travelers as you, we love what we do and we are here to respond any of your questions or needs.

How do we work?

Once you purchase your bus route package or bus pass, you will automatically receive a Paypal confirmation and our team will send you an email with your purchase confirmation. Once your itinerary information is all set, our team will email you an electronic bus ticket for each destination you have chosen.

You just have to choose a bus route package that fits you the best, take your time to enjoy each of the destinations in your travel route and stay in places you wish to explore longer. Then hop on another bus again when it is time to continue your journey. 
With  you have plenty of time to reach your final destination, just give us notice when you wish to go to your next destination and we will email the bus electronic ticket to get you there.

In order to give our customer a secure checkout process, we work with PayPal system where you can choose to pay with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) or your own PayPal account, if you have one.

The purchases in  are guaranteed and 100% verified and secured system that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL), certified by GoDaddy.com, that informs and verifies the participants with authentication aims during a purchase.

We manage all our bookings and reservations via online, you have 3 ways to contacts us:
• Online web form.
• E-mail: info@tourperubybus.com
• Local phone number: 

For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Book your bus tickets online NOW.

Specialist on:


  1. Tourist Direct Bus Cusco Puno / Puno Cusco
  2. Overnight Bus Cusco Puno / Puno Cusco
  3. Tourist Direct Bus Cusco to Copacabana
  4. Tourist Direct Bus Puno to Copacabana
  5. Tourist Direct Bus Cusco - Puno - La Paz